How the EEC Can Make You a Better Email Marketer

Let’s face it: email marketing is hard. Marketers in this field have a host of challenges, from building lists and acquiring customers, to creating compelling content that engages those subscribers, to testing and measuring ways to convert those subscribers into loyal customers that keep coming back for more. Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or have been with it since the beginning, there’s no better way to continue getting better at your craft than being a member of the Email Experience Council. For the past decade, the EEC has been the premier email marketing community, providing members with resources, events, and networking opportunities designed to keep the industry moving in an innovative direction. As industry expert Jeanne Jennings stated last year, “if you’re an email marketer and you aren’t linked into this community, you’re missing out.”

Here are some of the benefits of being involved with the EEC:


You’ll learn useful tips and best practices from the brightest minds in the industry. The best practices and tactical tips you’re able to pick up as a member are immediately useful; head back to the office and start putting these ideas to work. Aside from great content here on the EEC Blog, there are several webinars every month from EEC sponsors, members, and technology providers. Interactive Coaching Clinics are available as well, designed to be an open forum for email marketers to get advice and support from industry experts and practitioners. These roundtable-style Coaching Clinics have been a huge hit since launching earlier this year (the next one is scheduled for Tuesday, September 22).

Of course, sharing is a two-way street. Other marketers want to know where you’re finding success and how you’ve implemented your ideas within your organization. As an EEC member, you’re able to contribute to the blog or monthly newsletter, or you can go further and volunteer on one of the EEC’s subcommittees. This connects you with other leaders in the industry and puts you in a position to help shape the future of the organization.

Networking & Events

Perhaps the biggest benefit of an EEC membership is the opportunity to connect with smart people at the forefront of the industry. This is no more evident than at the annual Email Evolution Conference, which is coming in March 30 – April 2, 2016 to New Orleans. Thought-leaders, solution providers, and marketers gather at Email Evolution to share strategy, advice, and insights. I attended my first Email Evolution Conference in 2010 as a brand-side marketer and was excited to meet so many knowledgeable practitioners and marketing experts who were willing to share their experiences and trials. You realize the respect and camaraderie among people in this space, and you’re able to go back to your office with a host of new things to test.

Recently, the EEC has also launched local meetups in cities across the country so that email marketers can connect with others in their area. Check the EEC website for a list of upcoming events.

It’s almost impossible to become an expert on your own in this industry. Being a part of the EEC can connect you with the best people, resources, and solutions to help you continue career growth.

Will Devlin, Director of Marketing
MessageGears, an enterprise email solutions provider and EEC Gold Sponsor