The eec Global Email Marketing Compliance Guide is here!

Do you know the key email and data protection regulations across the globe?

world-emailThe eec Advocacy Subcommittee has published the definitive, but easy-to-use, guide that provides a quick look-up matrix of countries by alphabetical order and email compliance category.

The Global Email Marketing Compliance Guide is a comprehensive matrix to navigate the multitude of international anti-spam laws. Navigate international anti-spam laws, consent and opt-out requirements as well which types of email messages are covered. This is an essential primer for organizations as they consider this complex and increasingly important area of email compliance.

What is included?

This Global Email Marketing Compliance Guide is a comprehensive resource covering requirements in the areas of consent, opt-out, commercial content and factual email content. It currently covers over 75 major international jurisdictions — additional jurisdictions may be covered in updated versions. Marketers can use this matrix to navigate the multitude of anti-spam laws on a global scale.

Why do I need it?

Email marketing guidelines vary greatly across the globe. And in a global marketplace, an email marketer needs to stay abreast and compliant of these regulations at all times. There is no other resource available that so succinctly outlines these considerations to allow marketers to efficiently stay on top of their email programs.

Can I get the Guide if I am not an eec member?

The Global Email Marketing Compliance Guide is available to members (FREE) and non-members alike. There is also a B2B distribution option if you are an ESP or consultant and would like to leverage the Guide for your clients.

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Enjoy the Guide!

Matt Vernhout, Chair of the eec Advocacy Subcommittee
Subcommittee Members and Co-authors: Nancy Harris, Alex Krylov, Chris Kolbenschlag, James Koons & Udeme Ukutt

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