Top 3 Reasons to Submit Nominations for the EEC Awards

My, how time flies in the email marketing industry. The 2016 Email Evolution Conference is just around the corner, which means it is time to consider candidates for the annual EEC Awards honoring the Email Marketer of the Year (in honor of the late2016-award-110x222-blue Stefan Pollard), The Email Thought Leader of the Year, and Email Programs.

I know how it is. You really want to submit nominations but you’re thinking to yourself, “I just got done working this crazy holiday season, and my in-laws finally went home. Can’t I just relax?” Sure you can. We promise it won’t take long, and there are lots of good reasons to contribute your nominations. Maybe this will motivate you. Consider these top three reasons to submit your nominations.

1.    Email marketers deserve some recognition.
It’s not easy being an email marketer these days. Executives demand that we “Send more!” even when we know good performance is about style, not volume. Awards like these are our opportunity to show the world how important email is, and remind our constituents of the power it has to influence consumers. Even more important, it’s a chance to say, “Hey! We’re kind of a big deal.”

2.    Sharing great work helps everyone, not just you.
You’ve probably heard the saying, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” These awards are a great opportunity to showcase the innovative, creative, and cutting edge campaigns that email marketers are sending every day. It’s one of our few opportunities to share these kinds of ideas in a public arena of our peers. Great work by one email marketer can inspire greater work across the industry. Let’s make that happen!

3.    Experience makes great leaders.
We named these awards after Stefan Pollard because he was an industry pioneer and leader, someone we all looked up to. We can never have enough of those. Recognizing the Email Marketer of the Year and Thought Leader of the Year ensures that we are creating moments of inspiration that will foster future leaders of email marketing. People like last year’s winners, Alessandra Souers and Justine Jordan, are the leaders they are today because people like Stefan inspired them. Let’s make sure we continue that tradition of inspiration. Ask yourself, “Who inspires you?”

Nominating someone is as easy as answering that question. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! Click here to share your inspirations for the 2016 EEC Awards.

Dan McDermott
Director of Product Marketing – Messaging, Digital Marketing Solutions
eec Board Member (MAC) & Awards Subcommittee member