Your Call to Action: The EEC wants YOU!

Yeah, yoeec-blue-logou. Not those people across the aisle or next to your cubicle or around the corner from your office. Well, maybe them, too, if they’re email marketers like you who want to keep email a strong digital marketing channel.

But we’re definitely looking at you to join the conversation with the Email Experience Council and make an impact, learn from and help out your fellow marketers, find your voice in the industry and excel in your own career.

We need to hear your voice, because you’re the EEC’s future. What you say and do will decide how the Email Experience evolves to stay ahead of the game and continue to serve its members’ needs. That’s power!

Right now, “we” are Ryan Phelan, the present chair of the EEC Advisory Board, and Dennis Dayman, the present vice chair and who will take over from Ryan in July. We’ve been involved with the Email Experience Council since it became a reality in 2007 and launched the first Email Evolution Conference in San Diego in 2008.

But “we” also are eec’s Advisory Board, our committees and their chairs, the professional staff and all of your fellow eec-ers who sit in on calls, write blog posts, ask questions, share opinions and fill the seats at our local and annual conferences. And we want you with us.

How to get in on the action

Okay, you asked…

Go to the show: The Email Evolution Conference speakers walk the walk, not just spout the company line. Check out this year’s lineup. You’ll see a lot of fresh talent from the keynotes to the session leaders. We’ve gotten more selective over the years, telling potential speakers, “Prove to us that you’re the expert.” These are the folks who did.

Let your light shine: If you scored a big email win, we want to hear about it! And, we’ll help you make it happen. Yeah, that means speaking at a workshop or on a membership call, but don’t let that stop you.

If you aren’t comfortable leading a conference session on your own, partner up with your email service partner or tech vendor. They’re always looking for client success stories.

Write a blog post: Not ready to get up in front of a bunch of strangers? Write something for the blog. You aren’t showing off; you’re helping other marketers solve those same challenges while getting good publicity for your company. Everybody wins.  You can contact Lisa Brown Shosteck to get on the schedule.

Attend a local event: The EEC is organizing more local get-togethers so that neighboring marketers can meet more often than once a year. Don’t wait for somebody to throw something together, either; start the party yourself.

Join a committee/conference call/webinar: The EEC has more member-leaders now than ever before, and they’re keeping the conversation going at virtual events covering education, legal issues, best practices, research and more.

What’s in it for you? Just ask Justine Jordan and Alessandra Souers

Even baby steps can pay off fast. Download our newest white paper, the Global Email Marketing Compliance Guide, and you’ll earn back your EEC membership fee right away because everybody else has to pay $500.

Participate in EEC calls and webinars to get advice from the smartest people in the email industry. That can translate into a stronger email program driving more revenue for your company. Once again, you’re the hero.

You can help yourself, too, if you’re willing to invest some time and effort. Nobody started out as a superstar back in the EEC’s early days. We all put in time off the clock to make calls, do committee work, write posts or work the conferences. It isn’t all cocktails and shenanigans.2016-award-110x222-blue

But it can pay off fast. Justine (Litmus) and Alessandra (JibJab Media) joined the EEC just a few years ago but dug in quickly, participating in EEC events and Email Evolution. In 2015, they won EEC’s top two leadership awards. Sure, they’re smart as hell, but they also did their bit. And this year’s awards season has kicked off — so get out there and nominate or be nominated yourself!

Justine and Alessandra are part of the next generation of EEC movers and shakers. We know there are more of you out there. All you have to do is raise your hand, and we’ll help you take the next steps.

Mr. Ryan Phelan (Chair of eec Member Advisory Board)
Vice President, Marketing Insights; Adestra Inc.

Mr. Dennis Dayman (Vice-Chair of eec Member Advisory Board)
Chief Privacy & Security Officer; Return Path

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