Uncovering the Metrics Behind an EEC Award-Winning Email

A successful campaign is one that excites your subscribers and makes them want to take action. These types of campaigns may not have the highest open or click rates, but they’re a win for your business.

One campaign that not only won the hearts and minds of customers, but was also awarded a 2016 EEC Email Marketing Program Award for “Best or Most Innovative Integration with Another Channel” was an inventive “save the date” email for Litmus’ The Email Design Conference (TEDC).

What made it an award-winning email?

The goal of the campaign was to surprise, delight, and inspire the Litmus audience with the creative use of email. In addition, the team wanted to raise awareness and excitement about TEDC, drive social mentions, and create anticipation for future ticket sales. Taking it a step further, Litmus wanted to leverage a technique that is rarely seen or thought to be unsupported in email.

Litmus opted to accomplish these goals by embedding an innovative live Twitter feed inside an email. As recipients opened the email, live tweets appeared within the email. Subscribers tweeted using the hashtag, then returned to the email to see their own message appear live in the stream inside the email. (You can view the full email in your browser).

The campaign garnered widespread attention, resulting in 5,000 new visitors to the Litmus website, 1,000 new prospects, and 750 tweets containing the event hashtag—all within 24 hours.

To date, it’s garnered nearly 1,260 forwards and 350 prints. More than 60% of the people that opened the email spent 18 or more seconds reading the message, the highest duration of engagement of any email Litmus has ever sent.

When tickets went on sale a few weeks later, early bird tickets sold out in 10 minutes for the Boston event and 48 hours for the London event.

The goal of this campaign went beyond opens and clicks to draw the email community together and create awareness for the event. Between hundreds of tweets, dozens of forwards and prints, and early bird tickets selling in minutes, it exceeded every expectation—including winning an EEC award!

Justine Jordan
VP Marketing, Litmus