EEC Award winning campaign – The power of engaging content

Our recent win at the 2016 EEC Email Marketing Program Award under the category ‘Best use of humor, personality or content’ for Easemytrip just again proved the fact that using email as a medium to engage will always get you the highest ROI. We changed our strategy from purely sales-driven campaigns to more engagement-driven ones & this helped us not only reactivate dead subscribers but also helped to improve overall sale inquiries through email by 253%.

The EEC Award Winning Idea: Using the power of content to overcome email marketer’s toughest challengeseasemytrip

Nobody wants to be sold to, but everybody likes to be entertained. The focus of this campaign was to use content as a powerful tool to entertain, engage and delight users and drive desirable behaviors. We leveraged on the warm and fuzzy feeling that Valentine’s Day instills in people and came up with a Valentine’s Day email campaign that engages the audience differently. By adding interactive elements in email, we gamified the whole email experience.

What made the cut?

By showing information the way the customers wish (not being pushy or screaming buy), we could hold their attention a little longer than usual (a major achievement in this day of short attention spans), get more holiday package inquiries and ultimately leading to sales. The subject line was intriguing enough to pique customer interest (open rates increased by 30%). The brand received the best ever % of inquiries from this email (a 233% jump in inquiries as compared to their usual campaigns).

Learnings from the campaign

  • Understanding the ‘why’ that drives customers to do what they do (or don’t do) is vital if you want results-driven email marketing.
  • As customers get smarter and competition gets tougher, the only way to draw the attention of your customers is to get innovative with the content that communicates your ideas and brand offering. You must think beyond promotional messages if you want your brand to resonate with the audience.
  • Create a consistent experience throughout the subscriber journey by syncing the email and the landing page that follows.
  • Tapping into the current events and making your email conversation centered around what’s happening now is a great way to boost opens and clicks.

Avadhoot Revankar, Head – Email Marketing, netCORE Solutions

Avadhoot Revankar