Why Winning Awards Fuels Email Industry Growth


Take a look at your trophy case.  Go ahead. Take a good hard look.
Do you like what you see? Are you satisfied? What does it say about you? Your agency? Your work?

Marketing awards are like the ROI of our industry. They are our return on a job well done – beyond compensation … beyond market share gains.

It’s not about winning the actual hardware. It’s about celebrating our talent – our collective talent as an Email marketing community.

Celebrating our talent isn’t just important – because we all deserve a little reward now and then.  It’s important because it attracts more Email marketing talent to our industry.  It’s also about success.  The kind of success that breeds more success. It’s about recognition – an endorsement from your peers that builds confidence. So you gain the conviction you need to take the kinds of creative and strategic risks that make a real difference – rather than settling on the tried-and-true. You gain recognition. You keep growing. Your brand keeps building. The industry wins.

So, take another look at your trophy case. Is there an ECHO on it? A DMA International ECHO Award?

In today’s era of performance, an ECHO Award is the link between commerce and commercial success. ECHO Winners are strategically bold, creatively brave, and have the results to prove it.

Awards. We all need them. From a pat-on-the-back, to the hefty weight of an ECHO.  Winning an award is the most direct form of recognition you’ll get for your job well done.

Enter the ECHO Awards today at: DMA-ECHO.ORG

Additional Resources
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Robert Traino
VP, Marketing