The Keys to Remarkable Email Design, Coding and Creative

A big part of the eec’s mission is empowering the email marketing community to create better email; but what does “better” really mean? Respectful, subscriber-centric, valued, memorable and responsive if not also . . . creatively remarkable!

There’s a mountain of detailed information about design and coding hacks, tips, tactics and tools online – you could be reading for days. So I know those of you responsible specifically for coding and designing email marketing campaigns will especially love this hit list. Even if you’re not a creative or are only involved in part of that process, this is sure to be a huge time-saver . Welcome to the master list of inspirational resources for email design, coding and creative advice plus the tech and software tools that make features like video in email, dynamic content, countdown timers, side scrolling and more easily possible.

Here’s my list of favorites – in no particular order. Bookmark it, explore to your heart’s content, and together let’s continually raise the bar on better email!

Email Design & Coding Tips, Tricks, and Education (mostly free)

Hands down the industry leader. Numerous free resources and a great blog

Email on Acid
Similar to Litmus. Great blog with tons of free advice here

The Better Email
Education on email design, some free resources

Super-techy design hacks and tips for email coders. Interactive and advanced email design techniques and news

Email Design Workshop
Email design inspiration, video and tutorials

Email Design & Coding Services & Software (mostly paid)

Campaign Monitor
Top email design software in use. They’re also a full-service sending platform (ESP)

Taxi for Email
Drag-and-drop email building for brand and agency teams

Inbox Army
Offshoot of agency Inbox Group which focuses on outsourced email design and coding

Email Monks
Email and landing page outsourced design and coding

Free service by Movable Ink (see below) that translates design files into email-ready HTML code

Email Design Inspiration (wonderful and free!)

These are massive archives of actual email messages curated to illustrate a particular type of campaign (like welcome or abandoned cart), organized by industry vertical (like retail or banking), best practices in design, or all of the above:

Really Good Emails

Email Design Review by Action Rocket

Fresh Address Email Creative Archive

Dynamic Content, Video in Email, Advanced Tactics (paid services)

These companies offer advanced email creative and Saas tools, apps and resources for email featuring dynamic content that updates in real-time, video in email, ecommerce enablement, and more. Want to do the coolest things you’ve seen in other companies’ email? You can with one of these:

Movable Ink


Live Clicker

If you’d like to see and meet many of these companies and thought leaders all under the same roof then join us at the upcoming Email Evolution Conference April 4-6 in New Orleans. Here’s to the continued evolution of email!

Karen Talavera
President Synchronicity Marketing
eec MAC Member