Important Announcement Regarding DMA and ANA

Marketers and fundraisers today perpetually seek opportunities to improve customer value, enhance efficiency and drive growth. With that in mind, and with a sense of purpose to better serve DMA members, we are excited to announce that DMA and ANA (Association of National Advertisers) have agreed to combine to form the largest and most influential advertising and marketing association in the world.

DMA and ANA have long shared similar beliefs and purpose, and as advertisers pivot toward data-driven marketing the timing is perfect for these two organizations to combine their complimentary efforts to drive growth for individuals, organizations, and the industry that delivers value to consumers, businesses and nonprofit fundraisers. We also face common issues as member-driven advertisers and marketers tap the power of the collective to face important common issues including:

  1. Development of the diverse perspective required to ensure the responsible use of data for ethical marketing purposes in the digital age.
  2. Evolutionary requirements needed to keep pace with technological developments and marketing practices enabling marketers to build better brands by earning lasting customer relationships based on truth, results and trust.
  3. Elevating services to our membership, while driving real business change that enables data to create growth for markets and better lives for all people around the world.
  4. Establishment of best practices to solve daily challenges including marketing campaign attribution of results to investment.
  5. As a collective ensure that the industry protects consumers by ferreting out bad actors that use data for nefarious purposes.

To create a more robust resource to better address issues like those above the directorial boards of both organizations have unanimously agreed that DMA and ANA should become one. And, as soon as it is ratified by our Voting Members, DMA will become the Data, Measurement & Analytics in Marketing Division of ANA. As we come together, we will represent the largest collection of marketers and advertisers – of all sizes and industries, in one unified association. The two groups will convene a combined, exclusive leadership team with a focus on identifying and implementing data-driven initiatives to advance the industry and drive growth. Several client-side marketer members of the current DMA board will become part of the ANA board. The combined organization also creates an influential voice to advance and advocate for our industry, representing brands, agencies, data companies, technology suppliers all in the interest of better serving existing and prospective customers.

The new structure will enable DMA to combine financial and intellectual resources with ANA and to invest more heavily in research, education, and advocacy. This will in turn translate to more programs, events, and services for the combined membership, including the diverse communities within DMA’s Nonprofit Federation and Email Experience Council. Within ANA, we will deliver:

  • Shared resources that provide much greater ability to build a data-driven marketing community.
  • Greater access to education, training, and competitions for member advancement and recognition via a strategic center of data-driven excellence.
  • More research better enabling members to improve and innovate.
  • Service platforms that deliver member value at the local level from a more global perspective, along with an enhanced delivery of events – globally and locally.
  • Further development of the member network along with in-person and virtual locations for members to connect, network and to share knowledge beyond existing committees, communities and councils.
  • More connections and belonging across the entire value chain from service providers to client-side brand marketers – and consumers.
  • Codification of data-driven marketing standards and certification to deliver superior marketing experiences that exceed business and consumer expectations.
  • More resources to urgently solve data privacy, security and identity issues for future generations.
  • Education of consumers that the benefits of marketing driven by data deliver greater value for them — and us.
  • New leader nurturing and development in data marketing sciences worldwide, nationwide, and in local communities.

The coming together of these two storied groups, which together represent more than 200 years of advocacy for our industry, will be a process over the coming months. We look forward to connecting you with the ANA community and the expanded benefits that will be added to your DMA membership. We will also be launching new initiatives that represent the full spectrum of advertising and marketing companies across our membership, and will be sharing more details in the near future.

“The combination of these two venerable institutions brings immense value to both member bases as they will share a wide array of valuable resources and leadership platforms,” said ANA CEO Bob Liodice. “The ANA/DMA collaboration creates a new, dynamic entity dedicated to comprehensively serving virtually every aspect of marketing with distinction and professionalism.”

We understand there will be questions about the future of DMA, ANA, and our work on behalf of the industry, and we look forward to answering those questions as we move forward. Here is a link to a list of answers to what we anticipate will be Frequently Asked Questions about the news, including information about events, member communities, and member benefits.

We look forward to talking more about the future DMA and ANA, and to answering your questions. Thank you for being a key part of DMA’s membership, and continuing to be a part of this exciting community.

With our best regards and optimism,

Tom Benton
CEO, Data & Marketing Association

Michael McLaren
Chairman, Data & Marketing Association