2019—The Year of Growing Connective Tissue

Connective tissue is an important term at SendGrid, where I work—it is part of our culture and justifies a number of regular activities throughout the year. Connective tissue takes many forms: from the bonds that exist among members of the military, a fraternity of uniformed individuals that believe in a cause, to the coordinating of team-mates on a field of competition executing their highly rehearsed precision plays. The reason both function is that they have grown a connective tissue—the bonds are strong, limber, able to bend with the unexpected, resilient in the face of adversity and collectively stronger than any individual on their own.

The Email Experience Council has been forging and strengthening connective tissue between members organizations and the individuals that represent them for years now. In 2018 the EEC became a part of the ANA and the opportunity to turn a highly focused muscle into a broader system by integrating into a vast musculature that rounds out the mission of bringing better marketing across channels became a reality.

I’m both excited and humbled to have been given the chance to work on behalf of the members of the Email Experience Council and find new ways to forge stronger connections. The latter half of 2018 and the coming year represent massive opportunity to engage with like-minded organizations to bring the hyper specific insights nurtured in our community to a much broader audience. To be perfectly transparent, we already have a head start on this—the membership of the EEC is actively engaged with other organizations—and now that the EEC and DMA and are a part of the ANA the possibilities are limitless!

The EEC’s members hail not only from all over the United States but also from all around the world including India, UK, Canada, Poland, France, Czech Republic and New Zealand. Building bridges to these communities will be a priority in the coming year. Learning and creating dialogue with these communities will not only help spread the good work our members do but also gives us all the opportunity to learn from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

We can all agree that email is ubiquitous—it is the glue that stitches together our social fabric while acting as a ledger and file cabinet for the iterative commerce we all engage in. However email is evolving; we’re seeing the rise of chatbots turning customer engagements into communications, new capabilities in the inbox, the constant evolution of design motifs to unify the multi-platform experience of reading a single email across multiple devices and operating systems. Just to be clear: email is far from dead.

Do you want to be part of the discussion? Do want to help educate, perform outreach and connect with email marketers in our community? Then it’s never too late to come and join us. Join our growing email marketing community, join our Slack Channel, participate in our Subcommittees and events, propose a speaker session at our upcoming Email Evolution Conference in Savannah, GA. If nothing else, come by and say hello and learn why the EEC has been not only a thriving community for over a decade, but the single best forum to hone your skills and discuss anything and everything about email!

Len Shneyder
VP | Industry Relations | Sendgrid
Chair, eec