Kicking-off the eec Awards

We’re excited to announce the opening of the 2019 eec Awards. Start thinking about who shines and excels in email marketing – it’s time to nominate those trail-blazing individuals and those innovative email marketing campaigns for an eec Award.

As a refresher, the eec offers different award opportunities:

  • Pollard Award in honor of the beloved email marketer, legend – Stefan Pollard. This award recognizes a stand-out in the brand/client side of the business.
  • Thought Leader Award honors an individual who has made an incredible contribution from the vendor-side of the business.
  • Program Awards set of awards to promote and honor innovative email marketing campaigns. To keep up with an ever-changing industry, we’re adding two new categories this year – Best Nurture campaign and Best use of Email in a Cross-Channel Campaign. See below for more information.
  1. Best Use of Data; including Automation and Triggers: Big data is more than a buzz phrase today as incorporating data, whether demographic, psycho-graphic or behavioral, is critical to delivering personalized emails that drive increased results. This can include triggering of actions or behaviors in other channels, leveraging data such as weather or predictive analytics or use of deep personalization and dynamic content.
  2. Best Makeover of an Existing Email Program: Did you blow up your old email program or template? Impress the judges with your new approach, strategy or designs that were based on sound strategic goals and impressed management and your mom with world-beating numbers!
  3. Best Use of Email in a Cross-Channel Campaign [New]: Email is great alone but even better when integrated with additional channels! The winner of this award will showcase how email was critical to the success of a cross-channel campaign. Additional channels may include (but not limited to) website, app, mobile, paid media, social media, customer service, TV, print and/or direct mail. These email(s) will be more than an extension of the creative for a campaign or brand, but rather play an important role in the success of a larger campaign/program/journey. Please include the goal(s) of the overall campaign, creative examples, and cite metrics/data that proves the success of the role of email as part of a larger program.
  4. Best Nurture Campaign [New]: Audience nurture builds the trust relationship between brand and subscriber. It is the lifeblood and core promise of email marketing. Great nurture programs increase loyalty, drive sales, and propel application usage. The award will go to the organization that demonstrates the best audience nurture through the most innovative and effective techniques, technologies, creative and content to increase brand awareness, build greater trust and enhance the bottom line.
  5. Best Use of Humor; Personality, Content, or Brand*: Content marketing has become one of the hottest concepts and buzz phrases in marketing. This award will go to the brand that best demonstrates the power of using content that adds value, humor or personality to achieve a key goal such as increased engagement or conversions.

* This category is our new People’s Choice Award. The Committee will narrow down the submissions to the top 3 and viewers can select their top choice. Stay tuned for additional instructions when the voting period begins.

Please join us for our Awards-themed webinar on October 30th: Taking Advantage of the Promise of Interactive Emails (featuring the winners of the Pollard and Thought leader awards from our 2018 conference – Chad White (Litmus) and Alice Li (Shutterstock) – they’ll share their insights and latest research on interactive email marketing. Participants will also get tips and tricks on Award submissions for the coming year. Hope to see you at the upcoming webinar.

So what are you waiting for nominate your favorite email marketer and campaign TODAY! We will be accepting submissions until February 1st, 2019. Awards are presented at a celebratory luncheon at the 2019 Email Evolution Conference in Savannah, GA on April 25th.

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Happy Nominating!

Shanon Strahl (Consumer Marketing, Allstate); Chair of eec Awards Subcommittee
Mark Talley (Sr. Manager, Email Operations, Roku); Vice-Chair of eec Awards Subcommittee