This Holiday Season Give a Deserving Email Marketer the Gift of Recognition

If the busiest person is Santa Claus during the holiday season, then it stands to reason that the second busiest person would have to be whoever is in charge of email marketing at the North Pole. I only need to check my inbox from Black Friday until Christmas to confirm that’s true.

Having been associated with the email marketing industry for the better part of a decade, it strikes me as odd that we seem to talk about the intensity of email marketing efforts mostly during the holiday season. Yet in 2018 there were approximately 281 billion consumer and business emails sent per day. That means 200+ billion emails on just some random Tuesday.

Of course, we know the folly of measuring email success by volume. But what’s truly amazing to me is the painstaking time and effort so many email marketers invest in improving inbox experiences every day. Achieving deeper personalization, integrating live elements and interactive design, imagining richer and more fulfilling brand experiences than most of us would have thought possible ten, five and even two years ago.

It’s not always easy, and not always rewarding. Some executives view email as a commodity which forces email marketers to work against the grain to elevate their programs. Others have a strategic vision but lack the budget, resources or ideal partner to bring it to life just the way they would like. Most have to be inventive, resourceful and persistent to achieve their goals.

As the 2018 holiday season passes us by, I challenge each of you to take time and admire the outstanding work that makes its way to your inbox every day. Consider the challenge your fellow email marketers must meet every day, being equal parts artists and scientists. Don’t they deserve recognition for their efforts?

We think they do too, which is why the EEC hosts awards specifically for email marketers every year at our annual Email Evolution Conference. Why not nominate a particular program that tickled your funny bone or stirred your imagination? Or perhaps you’d like to recognize an email marketing professional who goes above and beyond for your brand or the industry at large. There is no time like the present, and no better gift than recognition for a job well done.

Dan McDermott
EEC Board Member | EEC Awards Committee Member
Senior Director | Content Marketing |