2019 eec Email Program Awards Form

2019 eec Email Program Awards
This set of awards will showcase the impact that email is having in the marketplace and within organizations. How it can assist in achieving larger organizational goals while also demonstrating innovative thinking. And most importantly, these awards will feature email campaigns/programs that make us excited and proud of the work being done in our industry.
Provide contact information for the email marketer who managed the campaign/program you are nominating (if available - not required):
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Describe the email campaign or program.1000 char. max
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What are the primary goals for the campaign/program?1000 char. max
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What is the cadence/frequency of the campaign?1000 char. max
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How is success of the campaign measured? Describe how it met or exceeded targeted goals.1000 char. max
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Please provide specific results from the campaign/program being nominated. Include both traditional email metrics AND measures of business impact (ROI, revenue, downloads, leads or reduced calls to the call center.) Also, please provide baseline metrics of the same or a similar program. Note: Judges will weigh business impact metrics more heavily than traditional email metrics.1500 char. max
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What makes your campaign/program special? Why should it win in this category?1000 char. max
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How did you change your approach from previous campaigns to overcome these challenges?1000 char. max
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What did you learn from the success of this campaign?1000 char. max
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What steps would you implement to take this program's success to the next level?1000 char. max
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