EEC Releases Achieving Accessibility in Email Guides

What is accessibility? It’s the quality of being easily understood, easy to use or obtain.
Accessibility is about equality. Not just treating everyone the same but providing a single experience that factors in everyone’s needs regardless of their personal circumstance.

Over 1 billion people worldwide, nearly 13%, are affected by accessibility issues. There are 253 million people worldwide who are visually impaired, 320 million worldwide are colorblind and up to 20% of the global population is dyslexic. As it relates to hearing disabilities, 466 million people globally experience hearing loss.

As marketers, it is our responsibility to remove barriers, making it easier for our audiences to understand what we’re communicating and providing them with the experience that allows them to engage with us in the way they need to.

Currently, there is no digital standard for accessibility in email like there is for web (WCAG 2.1). If you want to learn more about how to approach accessibility in email, please download the accessibility guides for marketers/designers and developers just published by the Email Experience Council. They factor in the criteria for web, but also make it relevant for the nuances of email. These guides shouldn’t be considered the ‘final word’ on email accessibility but as way for agencies, email service providers and consumer-facing companies to make the necessary modifications to their email marketing programs taking into consideration the broadest audience possible.

Our approach to accessibility must be evergreen in an ever changing tech landscape – the only constant is that the person comes first.

Mark Talley, Sr. Manager, Email Operations; Roku | eec Advocacy Subcommittee
Lauren Gentile, VP Exec Creative Director; Epsilon | eec Advocacy Subcommittee