Email Marketers Aged 21 to 30: Here’s the Best Career Move You Can Make (and it starts at just $125 per year)

No one went to school for this and no one left school saying “I’m going into Email”.  The Email industry’s biggest, worst-kept secret is that on our first day on the job, we all knew little-to-nothing about Email Marketing.  Thanks to a robust community and groups like EEC, we all get a little better every day.

There’s no college degree for Email Marketing and it’s not on any of the lists your Guidance Counselor showed you. Despite all odds, it attracts (and requires) some of the brightest minds in business. And the draw is undeniable: It’s left brain and right brain.  It’s analytical and creative.  It’s Quant Skills and Soft Skills. And the A/B testing tool in your ESP should come with a warning – because soaring KPIs and instant gratification are as addictive as they sound.

We all know the work is engaging, but the best part of this career is the people you find in the trenches and the Email Marketing community they built together.  And when your career was started with an off-balance, head-first tumble into the deep end (let’s face it, that’s how most of us launched our email careers) then your community becomes EVERYTHING. Nothing is more comforting than knowing you’re not alone.

The challenges are big. And you literally can’t sweat the small stuff. Because in Email Marketing, nothing is small – every little detail matters in a big way. The innovation moves at lightning speed and it’s your job to move at customer speed (faster than lightning for those keeping track). The regulatory requirements are shifting, your customers are changing, the technology is evolving and we’re all working together as a community to fuel that progress and leave no customer (or marketer) behind.

The Email Experience Council is at the root of this community-driven movement.  Early-career professionals paradoxically need the community more than anyone, yet they face the highest barriers to accessing it.

The EEC has launched a new Young Professionals Membership, with lower dues that gradually step-up based on your age, to address the biggest needs of the industry’s newest members – improving access to industry experts, mentors, colleagues and knowledge share.

You can learn more about the program benefits or submit an application here.


  • Stepped up membership dues – starting at just $125 a year for people aged 21 to 23, stepping up gradually to $275 per year on your 30th birthday
  • Big Brother/Big Sister Mentorship Program: Get Paired with a seasoned email veteran each year of membership
  • Annual conference registration discount
  • Networking
  • Career help
  • Access to educational webinars and blogs
  • Spotlight in eec newsletter/blog


  • Be at least 21 years of age and no older than 30
  • Must actively participate in an eec Subcommittee*
  • Must write one blog post on approved topic of choice per year of membership

Bart Thornburg | Director of Email Marketing, Total Wine | eec Membership & Marketing Subcommittee — Young Professionals Task Force