Top EEC Award Honors for 2019 go to…

We are excited to announce the individual winners for the 2019 eec Awards!

It was a talented group of candidates this year. The eec Awards Subcommittee reviewed shining examples of innovators who are advancing email excellence and delivering better experiences for consumers. And the winners are:

Kait CreamerThe 2019 eec Stefan Pollard Email Marketer of the Year Award goes to Kait Creamer, Email Marketing Manager at Scaled Agile, Inc.

Kait advocates for empathetic “surprise and delight” email marketing in and outside her work as Scaled Agile’s Email Marketing Manager. Vice-chair of the EEC’s Events and Education committee and featured on Phrasee’s “Who to Follow” series, she’s an expert and enthusiast in email, data, and marketing automation, continually pushing for next best customer-centric campaign. Prior to joining the Scaled Agile team, Kait managed the digital marketing and automation strategy at Boulder SaaS innovator, MakeMusic. She has also served on the programming committee for MediaPost’s Email Insider Summit and is an engaged member of Women of Email. She believes in beautiful design, protecting the subscriber, clean copy, and finding new opportunities for innovation in email.

What this recognition means to Kait: “I’m beyond honored to follow in the footsteps of the previous years’ winners of the Stefan Pollard award–what a brilliant bunch. I’ve never found a professional community so driven by innovation, empathy, and community, so to be recognized for my work within the email industry is immensely humbling. It’s a team effort, and I’m endlessly grateful to be surrounded by such smart, kind, and generous people whose willingness to teach and share have helped me excel at work I love doing. I’m thrilled to bits to receive such a prestigious award in email, and now more than ever, I’m excited to see where we as a community will take our skills, our drive, and our dedication to human connection next.”

[About the Stefan Pollard Email Marketer of the Year Award: This award was established in honor of Stefan Pollard, a highly respected and beloved member of the email marketing community who suddenly passed away in 2010. Pollard was considered a selfless mentor and champion of best practices in email marketing. The award honors a brand-side marketer who demonstrates the qualities and high professional standards that Pollard exemplified during his lifetime.]

2019 Pollard Finalist: Lisa Eng, Director of Retention; Prose Hair 


Matt VernhoutThe Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year Award goes to Matthew Vernhout, Director of Privacy & Industry Relations at 250ok.

For nearly 20 years, Matt remains a champion for liberating email’s potential through exceeding and continually refining email marketing and privacy best practices, influencing anti-spam legislation and compliance with international laws, and managing ISP expectations. He’s a Certified International Privacy Professional (Canada) (CIPP/C), former Chair of the eec Advocacy Subcommittee, and current Vice-Chair of the eec Member Advisory Committee. His efforts in advocating for best practices in email marketing resonated greatly with the eec Awards Subcommittee members.

What this honor means to Matt: “I’m incredibly honoured to win this award and join the ranks of previous winners. Watching the email industry mature over the last two decades and being able to participate in its growth, learning from my peers and sharing my own ideas, is what makes our community unique. In 2007, I started talking to the world on my blog, hoping someone would care enough to read what I had to say, and now, to be recognized in this way, when there are so many wonderful and deserving people, means the world to me and I’m humbled by this honour.”

[About the Thought Leader Award: This award recognizes an industry leader who has made a substantial positive impact on the email marketing community as a whole, and/or on individual client(s). These individuals frequently work as an extension of a client’s team, but technically are employed at a third-party company.]

2019 Thought Leader Finalist: Kath Pay, CEO; Holistic Email Marketing

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Shanon Strahl, Chair of eec Awards Subcommittee and Mark Talley, Vice-Chair of eec Awards Subcommittee