Why I EEC… and why you should too.

I’m just back from the 2019 Email Evolution Conference in Savannah, Georgia — I hope you were there with us! And on the flight home I was thinking about what the Email Experience Council (EEC) means to me. Basically, why I EEC. And why I believe that everyone working in the email marketing space should too.

I remember the very first Email Evolution Conference in San Diego. It was a ‘who’s who’ of the email marketing world. It’s where I first met Loren McDonald, one of the ‘must read’ email marketing columnists I had been following. I was nervous to approach him, but when I did he was so gracious. And now I am honored to consider him a friend.

EEC is still a great place to meet the thought-leaders in our industry. But just as important it’s a great place to connect with other industry folks, people working in the trenches who are probably dealing with many of the challenges that you are. Whether you’re looking for some moral support, searching for a new hire on your team or thinking about your next opportunity professionally, the contacts you will make as an EEC member are invaluable.

I know what I know — and I know what I don’t know. When I need to go more in-depth on an email marketing topic where I’ve got only basic knowledge, the EEC is always there to help.

Deliverability is one of those areas that I rarely touch on in my daily work for clients. What I do know about deliverability I’ve gleaned from conference sessions, webinars and blog posts provided by the EEC. Deliverability is very much a living, breathing challenge — what gets your email to the inbox today may not be enough a few months from now. EEC helps me stay up-to-date.

We all have those areas. So whether you’ve got a specific challenge that’s outside your wheelhouse, or if the scope of your role at work is expanding, or if you’re just looking to expand your industry knowledge, the education the EEC provides in invaluable.

We all have times when we need information that can’t be provided in a conference session or a webinar. This is another place where the EEC has your back.

Whether it’s a comprehensive overview of anti-spam laws around the world, help with understanding and implementing email authentication or something else, chances are EEC offers a report or white paper on the topic. This information has been complied by the best and brightest in our industry and is available to EEC members for free or at a deep discount compared to what non-members would pay.

I personally rely heavily on the EEC Global Marketing Compliance Guide in advising my multi-national clients on rules and regulations around the world. It’s also handy for answering questions from my students in the Digital Marketing course I teach at Georgetown University. Many of them are international students who are studying here but plan to return to their own countries, and the guide helps me provide them with the information they will need to be successful email marketers outside of the United States.

Final Pitch
Perhaps the best thing about EEC membership is that there are cost-effective options for individual marketers to join. We have a young professionals membership that starts at just $125 a year; that’s a career investment of roughly $10 a month which offers a tremendous upside ROI.

Regular individual memberships, for those over 30 years of age, start at just $399 a year. Even at roughly $33 a month it will more than pay for itself in career growth.

If you’re on the vendor-side of the industry, EEC offers corporate memberships and corporate sponsorships which will allow your team to not just participate in the EEC, but also market your products or services to members. As a Bronze Sponsor your dues are $2,500 a year — but the value provided to you is worth $9,000 or more.

So if you are a current EEC member, we’re glad you’re here! And if you aren’t, you owe it to your career to join. Hope to see you at a future EEC event!

Jeanne Jennings
Founder and Chief Strategist, Email Optimization Shop
Member Advisory Committee (Board), Email Experience Council
Chair, EEC Membership & Marketing Subcommittee