Welcome New EEC MAC Leaders!

The soul of the Email Experience Council are the people who volunteer their time, knowledge and expertise in shaping the content that helps educate, inform and guide our member organizations and the marketing world at large. These individuals are experts in their field and are driven by a sense of urgency in helping others understand the complex tapestry of technology, regulation and best practices that define email at scale. Please join us in congratulating the newly elected members of the Email Experience Council’s Member Advisory Committee (MAC). This is our Board-level Committee which is comprised of leaders in the email marketing community who have chosen to help others in meeting their company and personal goals in the email space.


  • Jose Juan C. Cebrian; SVP, Marketing Strategy, Merkle
    eec service: Jose has been an active eec member in serving on the eec Awards Subcommittee for the past few years. During this upcoming term, he takes the mantle as Vice-Chair of Awards.
  • Lauren Gentile; VP and Executive Creative Director, Epsilon
    eec service: Lauren has been serving on Education & Events and Practices and Standards Subcommittees for the past few years.
  • Loren McDonald; Director, Marketing Research, Acoustic
    eec service: Loren is a former MAC member, returning to the eec community after a slight hiatus. He is also Former Chair of the Awards Subcommittee.

Our industry is known for its leadership in advancing meaningful modern marketing solutions, and we look forward to the fresh perspectives and valuable insight from our newest advisory members and veterans in the community. We welcome their leadership and strategic vision as we continue our commitment to serve and raise the email marketing standards that we bring to our subscribers, customers and industry. Happily, we can also announce that leaders from past years have returned demonstrating the value they see in our growing community and ongoing mission to help inform and educate the world’s email practitioners.


Additionally, the Board has approved several key leadership posts within the eec. We encourage you to check out our complete Subcommittee listing and leadership posts and contact eec staff if you’re interested in serving on a Subcommittee. Highlighted below is our entire leadership team:

  • Member Advisory Committee: Chair, Len Shneyder and Vice-Chair, Matthew Vernhout
  • Best Practices & Standards: Chair, Derek Harding and Vice-Chair, Rick Buck
  • Awards: NEW Chair, Ryan Phelan and NEW Vice-Chair, Jose Cebrian
  • Education & Events: Chair, Anthony Chiulli and Vice-Chair, Kait Creamer
  • Nominations: Co-Chairs: Tink Taylor and Karen Talavera
  • Membership & Marketing: Chair, Jeanne Jennings and NEW Vice-Chair, Jack Wrigley


We would also like to recognize two industry leaders who left the MAC Board this past year: John Caldwell, Founder of Red Pill Email and Daniel McDermott, Senior Director of Content Marketing at Epsilon. We applaud their service and leadership to the entire organization and our community. While stepping off of MAC – they both will continue in their volunteer service in other aspects of eec. We speak for the entire MAC Board in saying thank you to their dedication to the industry and to their countless contributions to the eec and look forward to their continued participation and support.


If you are interested in serving on the 2020 Email Evolution Conference Planning Committee, please contact staff ASAP. We’re finalizing members of the Conference Planning Committee.

Additionally, we are now accepting session submissions for the 2020 Email Evolution Conference. If you want to be a part of this growing community that has set the bar for email thought leadership for 10+ years, consider submitting a proposal to speak at the EEC 2020 in Nashville TN. Deadline to submit is Friday, October 11, 2019.

Please join us in welcoming all of our new members, and of course we appreciate the steadfast support of our existing Board members. All new positions are effective immediately. If you’re interested in becoming more involved in the industry and the eec, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would LOVE the help!

On behalf of the entire eec MAC Board,

Len Shneyder (Chair, MAC)
VP, Industry Relations; Twilio

Matthew Vernhout (Vice-Chair, MAC)
Director, Privacy & Industry Relations; 250ok