5 Tricks to Make your Email Marketing a Real Halloween Treat

Halloween’s massive popularity has led some retailers to rank it second only to Christmas, with projected spending at an unBOOlievable $8.8B in 2019.

Our marketers are having a scream dressing up and sending out Halloween campaigns for Epsilon’s clients. Try these 5 tricks yourself:

Trick #1 Dress up your design: Does your current template capture the character of the season? Consider a dynamic modular template that pushes personalized messaging across a broad scope of data points. And as you continue to advance your template, remember to capitalize on the preview pane, be strategic with member dashboards and make sure to acknowledge user engagement. Lastly, never dismiss the importance of color and design. Play on the ‘colors of the season’ and know/understand the feelings they evoke. For example, orange creates feelings of excitement, energy and makes us ‘feel lively’ and social, while black resembles sophistication, glamour, power and dignity.

Trick #2 Deals to DIE for: During the Halloween holiday season, you don’t need to be a merchant of candy or costumes to capitalize on promoting the ‘deals to die for’. We’re seeing all different types of brands leveraging ‘the spirit’ of the holiday to promote sales/deals. For example, JetBlue is promoting their ‘Get Ghoul-ing Sale’ where they’re offering flights for $31 one-way. Additionally, Blue Apron is leveraging the fun spirit of the holiday to promote their sale of a $40 discount off future orders. As you’re planning for holidays, think of the email exclusives in which you can include, and have fun and be clever with your copy.


Trick #3 Spook things up with dynamic and localized content: A little localization goes a long way. Deploy the dynamic content that works scary good for your brand. Add a countdown clock for a really spooky spin. For example, Walgreens could set their clock to countdown to the date of November 1st to reflect when all of the Halloween related items will be 50% off. Research shows that emails with a timer generate a 10% higher open rate and a 33% greater conversion rate compared to that of traditional emails. As it relates to localized content, I appreciate how Uniqlo is leveraging the weather forecast for Halloween to promote apparel with the Ultra Warm Heattech for extra warmth since it’s going to be chilly in Illinois (noted in the email I received below).

Additionally, I really like how Uniqlo is also using the holiday to promote everyday apparel items in unique combinations that would create a fun costume such as the retro aerobics instructor, lumberjack and pilot.

Trick #4 🎃 💀 👻 Never dismiss the power of emoji: Emoji add an element of fun to email marketing and they do have proven results. We see many brands incorporating emoji into their subject lines to increase clicks/opens. But it’s important to be strategic when adding emoji to the subject lines. Oftentimes marketers include multiple emoji’s and this can be difficult for people with vision impairment who are using screen readers. Using one great emoji in your email campaign is a cute and informative way to capture attention in the inbox. Season’s 52 and Williams Sonoma are having fun with seasonal emoji, while brands like Sephora are already using their emoji strategy feature to promote new gift sets and gift giving.

Seasons’ 52: It’s 🍏fficially autumn…
Williams Sonoma: 🎃 Be the Favorite House on Halloween
Sephora: Gift sets they’ll ❤️ at every price point

Trick #5 Don’t forget to check your campaigns in Dark Mode:

Reading all of these spooktacular emails in the dark can at times be difficult so consider utilizing the new Dark Mode setting on your device. With the setting on, the interface’s color palette shifts, displaying content in high contrast by using dark background and light foreground colors while minimizing blue lights to enhance readability and reduce eyestrain. Dark Mode, which is available now in Outlook, Office 2019 and Apple Mail, can result in HTML email rendering issues due to differently defined color components. For this reason, consider using transparent images to allow for background color changes to appear seamless while maintaining the integrity of the design. Additionally, to combat black content displaying on a black background, you can improve readability by adding a white outline around dark text or icons.

These tricks can be a real treat for your customers. Have fun, dress it up, and deliver Halloween emails as memorable as that one house that hands out the king size candy bars.

By Lauren Gentile VP Executive Creative Director, Digital Solutions
EEC Member Advisory Committee Member (EEC Board)