Spooky Checklist for Your Email Campaigns

Halloween can be fun, spooky and… profitable! If you play it right, your email marketing actions may help you boost your results! How? Most of us adore Halloween and holiday-themed campaigns as it gets us into the celebration mood. For marketers, it’s a wonderful opportunity to boost engagement and sales without long hours of brainstorming.

However, Halloween isn’t the only date for you to remember about. Prepare engaging email campaigns for other holidays too! We’ve created a special checklist with tips which you can use for each date. Enjoy!

️ Halloween – October 31 🎃

This is time to spook your competition out. Your business doesn’t have to have a direct link with this occasion but adding some Halloween theme to your newsletter won’t hurt anybody. Besides spooky emails, you can go a step further by offering something extra. Like a one-time deal for your customers that you have lost so as to bring them “back to life”. That’s an easy trick which may be profitable and boost the retention.

️ Thanksgiving – November 28 (USA customers) 🦃

If a big part of your customers is located in the USA, go ahead and send them Thanksgiving wishes. Even such a small step as paying attention to that part of the market can improve your brand’s awareness. If you wish to go an extra mile, include in the newsletter not only heartfelt wishes but also a gift in the form of some valuable content that will help them to make the most out of your product. A video, premium case study, certain tips & tricks which may help their businesses can be very fruitful.

️ Black Friday – November 29 🏷

This time can be crazy for email marketers! A lot of eCommerce brands will communicate with their customers, and the consumers will be overflooded by emails, make sure you do something distinctive!

Firstly, remember about bold colors – sure, black is always good, but adding some neon-like colors may help.

Secondly, that’s a perfect time for customers to do their Christmas shopping. Maximize your sales by using a product recommendation feature, that can be easily implemented in a newsletter.

Thirdly, don’t focus only on November 29. Start your communication long before (even one week) to hype your audience about the upcoming sales and deals.

What’s more, one of the most popular but still effective ways to increase the hype at this time is a simple countdown. Implement it on your page and social media, for e.g. Facebook Stories to remind your audience that it’s worth taking a look what you’ll be offering on Black Friday.

️ Christmas Day – December 25 🎄

It may be too late to offer special deals on this day, however definitely do that just before! If you provide service – it’ll work till the very last moment. Make sure you also wish your customers happy holidays and as with Thanksgiving, you may think about sharing with them some extra content.

Use a communication channel that will work for each customer and personalize the messages to make the most out of it! You may also include in your newsletter a video from your team with Christmas wishes! 

️ New Year’s Eve – January 31 🍾

That’s the last date to remember! Wishes here are obligatory. If you know that some of your markets celebrate New Year’s Eve at a different time – personalize it! Adjust the communication to the market if it’s significant. It can cause more hassle yet you will get extra points for building the love brand – a brand that is greatly appreciated by the consumers.

That’s it. Remember that you don’t need to tick all the calendar boxes if you lack time or ideas. Pick only those which matter in your area. For the other holidays you can do something small – a graphics on social media, automized text message to your customers with wishes or a simple newsletter with content you have already prepared. So, good luck and remember that increased activity of your company at this time, can pay off!

Marcin Chruszcz
Account Manager at ExpertSender