Dotdigital Offers Help and Tips During Uncertain Times

As cities and states around the US introduce lockdowns and issue stay-at-home orders, businesses are having to adapt how they work and how they communicate. Keeping customers, staff, and stakeholders informed of any changes during a crisis is essential. It will ensure that when you’re able to return to BAU, your audience has a stronger affinity with your brand.

As businesses make important decision about staffing and closing stores and venues, we asked ourselves what more we could do to help our community during this time.

Free chat to stay connected with customers

Last year, we launched live chat as a channel in Engagement Cloud. While every account had access to one free chat agent, we’re now extending this. All accounts will have 10 free chat agents to help you answer customer queries as soon as they come up.

We understand that many of you may be planning or have already shut the doors to your physical stores. Customers are increasingly practicing social distancing, putting more demand than ever on your website and customer service teams. By adding live chat to your sites, we hope this will enable you to reassure your customers about your business continuity. We hope that by doing this, you’ll be able to repurpose existing staff to manage and monitor your customer enquiries.

Hints and tips

  1. Get started quickly. Our intelligent chat tools allow you to automate messages and create teams. This can help you organize customer queries based on topics such as delivery and returns, or sales enquiries.
  2. Make sure your working hours are clear and well publicized. Customer queries come at all times of day, but your staff need a break too, so make sure your website visitors are aware when their query will be answered.

Free child accounts and 10,000 sends for all customers

We’re adding an additional child account and 10,000 free email sends to every account to ensure you’re able to communicate clearly and effectively with your staff, customers, and stakeholders. On top of this, for all our new customers based in the US, we’re waiving all onboarding costs, so you can get online and start sending in record time.

During this time, internal communications is as important as clear and open communication with your customers. Your staff need to be well informed with every passing development. HR teams around the world will be working overtime to ensure that staff are kept updated with policy changes and employee morale and wellbeing remains high. We wanted to make this as easy for you as possible.

For many of you, your customers will be in the same situation as yourself – working remotely. Access to stores, venues, and services is becoming increasingly difficult. Keeping relationships with your customers strong is going to be vital. We want to give you the tools to keep the engaged until they’re ready to come back.

Hints and tips

  1. Our first and easiest tip: personalize. Everywhere, people are worried and unsure about the future. Information is more important than ever. But, at a time when changes are being applied en masse, a simple first name personalization is going to make a world of difference to your reader. Whether you’re talking to staff or customers, personalization is quick and easy, all you need to do is drag and drop it in as you build your email.
  2. Schedule important updates. When you know a big change is coming, make sure you’ve done as much in advance as possible. This will allow you to schedule your send to arrive at the optimum time for your readers. Engagement Cloud also has the power to amend links after the send, so updating after the email lands is easy. This is especially important for policy updates, as staff will make sure this information is easy to find and accessible to them at all times.
  3. Check-in with staff, partners, and customers’ health and wellbeing by creating surveys for regular updates. All new child accounts will come with full access to our landing pages and forms tool, so you can start sending straight away.

Send instant updates with SMS

All child accounts in this offer come with access to our powerful SMS channel, so, you can get messages out quickly and efficiently.

These uncertain times have made access to mobile devices more important than ever. People are staying connected with the help of these devices, but they’re also using them to get the urgent information they need. Make sure you’re maximizing the mentality to get your comms heard.

Hints and tips

  1. With a 98% read rate, SMS is the perfect channel for crisis management. We used it ourselves when the decision was made for all our members of staff to work remotely. During times of emergency you need to use a channel that will reach employees, customers, and stakeholder wherever they are.
  2. Keep staff and customers updated with the latest information about your business or services with well-times and relevant text messages. SMS are quick and easy to set up so are perfect for timely communications. You can even use them to prompt readers to check your latest email updates.

Our pay-later SMS structure means you can get your messages out immediately and only pay for what you use.

Get started

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Engagement Cloud can help during these unpredictable times, check out our blog. Here you can find valuable information and contacts to help you get started.

We know other companies are also lending a hand to clients and prospects in these extraordinary times so also be sure to check-in with your current provider to see how they, and you, should be pivoting during these times.

Jenna Paton, Content Executive, dotdigital