New EEC Leadership Announced

We are excited to announce the new leaders of the Email Experience Council (EEC). We are thankful to our departing Chair, Len Shneyder for his many years of commitment and thought leadership to EEC and our Email Evolution Conferences and wish him well on his continued journey of elevating email marketing best practices.

Len’s partner during his term, and Vice-Chair, Matthew Vernhout (VP, Deliverability North America –  Netcore) has stepped up to serve as Chair of the EEC. Joining Matthew as Vice-Chair is Karen Talavera (President and Founder- Synchronicity Marketing) — long-term EEC board member and industry leader. Their decades of experience in the email marketing space and their years of commitment to the EEC and champions of improving and driving email marketing best practices and education make them the ideal team to take the helm of the EEC. With Matthew’s vast experience in the deliverability space and Karen’s focus on email marketing strategy, they will lead the EEC into new heights of education, knowledge-sharing and best practices.

Since its inception and formation over a decade ago, the EEC’s mission has been to create awareness and champion email marketing best practices, and their application, to ensure the health and growth of the digital messaging ecosystem. We thank our entire EEC Member Advisory Committee (MAC) — our board level Committee — for its leadership in the email marketing community and for driving email marketing excellence and fostering a sense of community for all email marketers.

We would also like to thank our other outgoing MAC members for their years of dedication and service to the EEC:  Rick Buck, Alyssa Nahatis, Anthony Chiulli, Kait Creamer, Nancy Harris and Will Devlin.

As we all pivot to a more virtual world in which digital messaging becomes even more essential, we’re happy to offer increased online learning and networking opportunities and to be the source of connecting and elevating our industry. We are excited about the momentum the EEC has as the leader in innovation, idea-sharing and resources focused on email and digital messaging. We hope you’ll join us for our upcoming virtual Half-Day Conference, August 27th – on Data, Data, Data – Driving Email Marketing Success. You’ll hear from leading brand experts from Crocs, Orvis, L’Oreal and National Fire Protection Agency on tips for: ethical use of data, AI, B2B marketing and data science.

Thank you, and let’s keep our momentum going strong! On that note, we encourage and invite you to take an active role in the EEC by joining one of our subcommittees! If you’re interested or would like to learn more, we want to hear from you. There’s plenty of room, and we welcome many diverse voices!

Lisa Brown Shosteck | Director, EEC