Expert Tips for Email Marketing Success in 2021

We know you are in the midst of implementing your holiday email marketing campaigns for 2020 but as marketers we’re always prepping for what comes next. We are thinking of ways to engage and improve the email experience for our current and prospective customers. We recently hosted a webinar with an all-star, veteran panel to provide you with tips and tricks for levelling up your email marketing campaigns post-holiday season – to take them to the next level as you prepare for 2021.

We asked each of our panelists to call-out their main take-aways to share with the email marketing community, and here’s what they said:


“Email has long proven its place as the ROI-driving workhorse of the digital channel roster. This was truer than ever in 2020 during a pandemic-stricken economy where advertising budgets were heavily slashed, yet email remained a constant. We’ll start to see more brands embracing innovations like AMP for email and designing for dark mode to stand out in the inbox. Given that email lands in such a busy inbox, brands will need to do more to ensure that recipients engage and convert from the channel. AMP and dark mode will certainly help those experiences be more valuable from a consumer perspective. For AMP specifically, we’ve (SparkPost) seen up to a 20% increase in CTOR as a result of implementing this capability. It does create enough of a differentiator to make a difference in engagement and get recipients closer to the conversion.” [April Mullen, Director of Brand and Content Marketing, SparkPost]


“Consumer data is a powerful tool, but it’s crucial to properly secure and manage the data you have. New laws around the globe are bringing data privacy to the forefront, and ignoring them can lead to catastrophic financial consequences. Instead of waiting for these new laws to catch up with your practices, make privacy a priority in your organization by limiting the types of data you collect, informing recipients exactly how you’re using the data, and shutting down the sale of data to third parties.” [Brad Gurley, Director, Deliverability, MessageGears]


“Pay attention, listen, and be proactive. This can be done through customer service feedback, online forums, social media, or anywhere you have access to feedback. What are your customers saying? What do they like about your brand, marketing, or service? What do they want you to change? ASK QUESTIONS. Learning more about YOUR audience from past and current customers will help you to further define your marketing strategy for 2021 and beyond.” [Jennifer Hoth, Senior Relationship Marketing Strategist, DEG]


“Email testing is critical but daunting. When organizations adopt a test and learn culture and see the results, it becomes downright addictive. In our webinar, I outlined the ten steps to begin testing and a basic understanding of the differences between testing classifications and types. If you don’t test, you don’t learn, and you don’t grow. The choice is yours.” [Andrew Kordek, VP Customer Engagement, iPost]

If you missed this webinar, please check it out. It’s chock-full of tips. We’re happy to be the source of tips, best practices, knowledge-sharing and virtual learning opportunities for email marketers. We encourage you to join EEC, participate in our Subcommittees, attend our online events, download our online resources, and connect with other email marketers through our slack channel.

Lisa Brown Shosteck | Director, ANA Email Experience Council

Special thanks to our panelists:

  • Brad Gurley, Director, Deliverability, MessageGears
  • Jennifer Hoth, Senior Relationship Marketing Strategist, DEG
  • Andrew Kordek, VP Customer Engagement, iPost
  • April Mullen, Director of Brand and Content Marketing, SparkPost