Get Straight Talk and Insider Tips for 2021 B2B Email Success

After a distracting and chaotic year, many lessons have been learned providing us with an opportunity to reflect and rebuild for 2021. We recently hosted a webinar with a panel of experts in B2B email marketing to share advice and best practices for how to refocus and tighten up your prospecting, lead nurturing, and customer conversion funnels to take your B2B email marketing campaigns to the next level in 2021.

We asked each of our panelists to call-out their main take-aways to share with the email marketing community, and here’s what they said:

Value is key!

“Every email needs to provide value, not just a call-to-action. Include content that showcases your domain expertise by providing valuable insights and information. Make an emotional connection with your prospects and demonstrate empathy. B2B decisions-makers aren’t robots. They’re real people who buy with their heart.

Make sure your value is crystal clear. Key element of your value proposition needs to be present and clearly articulated. Unsure of how clear it is? Show it to your mother (maybe she’ll finally understand what you do for a living).

Share content that is appropriate for the stage in the buyer journey. Blog posts, podcasts and videos are great as early-stage content. But as you move to middle and late stage of the journey, your content must emphasize your differentiation and answer the question “Why you?”. Case studies and live events are your best late-stage tools.”

– Mark Morin, Chair of EEC Education Events | President, Stratégies Marketing Relationnel

It’s All About Intent!

“Prospects that are on your website and reading your emails…they’re consumers too and more used to shopping on Amazon than on your website. So ensure that you’re accounting for “standard practices” in your communications and flow so that the differences do not break the Intent.

Speaking of intent, that’s what B2B marketing is all about. Determining what looks like and acts like intent. From visited pages, return visits, downloads and readership on a blog. Have you taken the time to identify those intent points on your website and acted when someone shows intent? From marketing automation to sales outreach, it’s critical to know if you’re talking to a “tire kicker” or a “hot lead”.

Finally, stop wasting your time buying a list or taking the easy route. It never pays off and takes your focus on efforts that drive true MQL’s and SQL’s. These distractions can set you back months thinking that you can just email a list and you will be rich. It does not work that way, and if it did, you would respond to every B2B spam email…right?”

– Ryan Phelan, Chair of EEC Awards Subcommittee | CMO, Origin Email

Challenge Brings Opportunity

“Although the 2020 pandemic has drastically changed how and where we work by forcing virtual vs. live interaction, more business people than ever before are more connected and attentive to online channels like email. And that’s where your opportunity for 2021 email marketing success comes into play, follow these three steps to orchestrate well-architected journeys:

  1. Leverage all acquisition marketing channels like paid search, social, and display to drive prospects down clear funnels which capture (at a minimum) email address and qualifying information.
  2. Use opt-in email marketing to begin a conversational dialog with interested prospects and nurture them into action through email messages sequences and intentional series.
  3. Continue to warm cool prospects who don’t convert over time with content marketing and educational messaging.”

Karen Talavera, Vice-Chair of EEC | President, Synchronicity Marketing

If you missed this webinar, please check it out. It’s chock-full of tips. We’re happy to be the source of tips, best practices, knowledge-sharing and virtual learning opportunities for email marketers. We encourage you to join EEC, participate in our Subcommittees, attend our online events, download our online resources, and connect with other email marketers through our slack channel.

Lisa Brown Shosteck | Director, ANA Email Experience Council

Special thanks to our panelists: