Announcing the Top Email Marketer Award Honors for 2021…

Announcing the Top Email Marketer Award Honors for 2021…

We are excited to announce the winners for the 2021 ANA Email Experience Council’s Awards!

It was a talented and impressive group of candidates this year. The ANA Email Experience Council (EEC) Awards Subcommittee reviewed a cross-section of submissions to recognize outstanding and inspiring leaders in the email marketing space. We’re proud of all the nominees for the many significant accomplishments achieved and raising the bar of email marketing. These awards help shine a light on the best and brightest in our community.

The 2021 EEC Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year Award goes to:
Kath Pay

Kath Pay, CEO, Founder & Author, Holistic Email Marketing

“Winning EEC’s Thought Leader of the Year Award is a tremendous honour. I’m overwhelmed, ecstatic, and immensely grateful. Our email community is unique in that so many of us share the mission to help each other grow and learn. Being recognized for my work in these efforts is doubly gratifying, indeed, because Stefan Pollard, who inspired these awards, was my mentor, my dear friend, and my role model as a thought leader. I know he would be so very happy for me. Thank you so much for this honour!”

A hugely experienced and influential email marketer and trainer, Kath lives and breathes email marketing. Kath has over two decades of email marketing experience and regarded as an international industry thought leader, including recognized as a Finalist for this award in 2019. She is not only a world-renowned speaker and trainer but practices her art with her consultancy, Holistic Email Marketing, where she is Founder and CEO and author of her first book Holistic Email Marketing. Also noteworthy, Kath is the owner and creator of one of the original email marketing platforms, Ezemail, Kath initiated many of the features that are commonly used within email marketing platforms today.

  • 2021 Thought Leader Finalist: Ryan Phelan, Co-Founder and Chief Strategist, RPE Origin

The 2021 EEC Stefan Pollard Email Marketer of the Year Award goes to:
Scott Cohen

Scott Cohen, Sr. Email Marketing Manager, Purple

“This award is an incredible honor, and I’m humbled to receive one of what is essentially the Oscars of the email marketing industry. I was fortunate to meet Stefan Pollard when my email career was in its infancy, and his wisdom and spirit are part of what drew me into an industry that is truly unique—where competitors become friends, and friends can really become family. It’s that spirit of continual growth, innovation, and comradery that move the industry forward—a spirit I hope I live up to in winning this award. I’m incredibly grateful to my peers, friends, family, and mentors who have helped drive not only my success, but the success of an entire channel and industry.”

Scott Cohen is a proven email marketing veteran with more than 15 years of experience as both a brand-side marketer and an email marketing agency executive. As Senior Email Marketing Manager at Purple, Scott brings both award-winning copywriting chops and industry-renowned expertise in email marketing strategy and execution to running a growing email marketing program. When not working, Scott is a devoted father and husband, classic rock and ’80s power ballad junkie, and sports fanatic.

  • 2021 Pollard Finalist: Corrina Cohen, Marketing Automation Developer, Caleres Inc.

Please join us at the 2021 Email Evolution Conference: A Virtual Experience to celebrate and honor our 2021 top email award recipients! Where you can also learn tips and techniques from industry leaders to level up your own email marketing campaigns. Who knows – you might even be next year’s winners!

Ryan Phelan (Chair) and Jose Cebrian (Vice Chair), EEC Awards Subcommittee