Code of Conduct

The Email Experience Council is dedicated to making our meetings and communications a safe place for all. We do not tolerate harassment, intimidation or inappropriate behavior of any kind and we insist that all participants of the Email Experience adhere to a civil demeanor, a respectful and welcoming attitude towards their colleagues and throughout the Council and its membership.

You agree that your conduct reflects the Council and its high standards of professionalism and respect towards others, including those you may disagree with. Discourse is highly encouraged but as professionals and leaders in the space that discourse should always be respectful. Anyone found in violation of this policy may be subject to removal from the Council. This may be based upon recommendation by a member, staff, participant or MAC leader with specific findings of conduct in violation of this policy.

Council members, attendees of meetups, the annual conference who feel they are being harassed, intimidated or targeted with inappropriate behavior should report it immediately to a Member Advisory Committee (MAC) member, the SVP of the Council Senny Boone, or file a complaint.

Anyone found in violation of the Council’s code of conduct may receive a warning, expulsion, contacting their employer for more serious incidents or legal authorities if warranted.