eec Global Email Marketing Compliance Guide


Do you know the key global email and data protection regulations across all of the continents? The eec Advocacy Subcommittee has put together this easy-to-use guide that provides a quick look-up matrix of countries by email compliance requirements. It currently covers over 75 jurisdictions – future updates may cover additional jurisdictions. You can navigate the multitude of international anti-spam laws, consent and opt-out requirements as well as which types of email messages are covered. It serves as a primer for organizations as they consider this complex, ever changing, and increasingly important area of email compliance.

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Want an overview of the Guide?

Listen to the eec Webinar: An Overview of Global Email Marketing Compliance hosted by some of the co-creators of the Guide: Nancy Harris, Alex Krylov, James Koons and Udeme Ukutt or view their PowerPoint presentation for additional information.