eec Webinar Recording: New Acquisition Tactics – Making the Most of the Mobile Opportunity

Email marketers consistently cite the persistent churn of email subscribers and their need to continue to acquire new subscribers as top challenges. The explosive growth of smartphones and mobile apps presents email marketers with a tremendous opportunity to expand the reach of their acquisition campaigns. 
Research conducted by the Relevancy Group in 2011 reveals valuable insights on how marketers can make the most of the mobile opportunity.
This eec webinar featured David Daniels, CEO of The Relevancy Group and Jordan Cohen, Vice President, Business Development, Pontiflex.

Download this recording and learn:

  • Mobile market dynamics.
  • Mobile marketing: challenges and opportunities.
  • The ability to drive Connected Marketing across channels with a united acquisition strategy.
  • How organizational structure impedes and accelerates email subscriber acquisition tactics.
  • Research on marketer acquisition techniques as compared to the ROI it delivers.
  • Understanding consumer communication and behavior patterns and its effect on acquisition.