The S.A.M.E. (Support Adoption of Metrics for Email) Project

One of the major hurdles email marketers face is a lack of consistent standards for email metrics.  To combat this problem, the eec’s Measurement Accuracy Roundtable led the creation of a set of standardized metrics for industry adoption.  Read about the project and how you can adopt the standards.

Adopt the Standards – Obtain the Seal

The Measurement Accuracy Roundtable is pleased to assist vendors seeking to adopt the eec/DMA email standards.  The purpose of the seal is to alert email marketers and other stakeholders of the service provider’s commitment to industry standards for fair and accurate measurement of email metrics for all.  The seal provides a visual cue to website visitors, so customers and potential customers alike can identify providers using the standards easily when making vendor choices.

?subject=%22SAME%20inquiry%22" target="_blank">contact the eec with the following information in order to be audited.  Once we have your commitment or see the new standards in use by your service, we will add you to the Project Supporters list and promote your involvement.

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S.A.M.E. Project Supporters

The Email Service Providers (ESPs) listed here are supporters of or have completed the audit process and obtained the email measurement accuracy seal.

Interested in becoming a S.A.M.E. Project Supporter?

ESPs wishing to adopt the standards may download the Participant Fact Sheet to get started.

Email marketers and ESPs that wish to see the metrics definitions may download them here.  A more complete explanation of the standards, including examples of UIs is also available in the S.A.M.E. Project Guide.

?subject=%22SAME%20inquiry%22" target="_blank">contact the eec with the information requested above.

ESPs that complete the audit process satisfactorily may display the Measurement Accuracy seal on their website.  They will also be invited to participate in the eec blog’s Industry Perspectives series and they’ll be included in press releases and other coverage of the project as appropriate.

S.A.M.E. Project Advisory Board

John Caldwell – leader
Luke Glasner – leader
Chris Donald
Scott Hardigree
Erica Westphal