Why Join eec

As an eec Member or Sponsor, you are an integral participant in a community of the most influential ‘players, movers and shakers’ in email.  You have the direct ability to help shape the way email marketing is used today and how it will evolve as we quickly move into tomorrow.

Join eec today, and benefit in four critical ways:

  1. Increased NATIONAL exposure for you and your company.
  2. Enhanced RECOGNITION as a thought leader in the email and digital marketing space.
  3. Improved ABILITY to provide input, knowledge and direction on the future of email marketing.
  4. Expanded NETWORKING opportunities with industry experts and colleagues.

Leadership & Subcommittees: Get Involved

  • The eec’s collective vision continues with the eec Board, Member Advisory Committee (MAC) and the following Subcommittees,
  • Advocacy Subcommittee: recommends/develops best practices, guidance & position papers.
  • Awards Subcommittee: recognizes best and brightest in email marketing & thought leadership.
  • Education & Events Subcommittee: develops specialized regional & networking events.
  • Marketing & Membership Subcommittee: engages membership — acquisition, retention and loyalty recognition.

Find out more here: emailexperience.org/about-eec/advisory-committees

Levels of eec Involvement

There are 3 levels of eec involvement as described below.  Choose the one that suits your needs, goals and budget.

Individual Membership                            

Individual memberships are for those individuals who want to be leaders in email. Benefits of eec Individual Membership include:

  • The opportunity to participate in any of our eec Subcommittees: network with your peers; actively drive meaningful change and develop best practices
  • eec membership logo for use in communications, marketing materials, press releases, resume and more
  • Exclusive discounts to the Email Evolution Conference and other key industry events
  • Early notification of research and preview distribution of research reports
  • Periodic email alerts and notifications
  • eec event notification emails
  • Listing in our membership database which is searchable by the public

Individual memberships are $399 per person annually.
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Corporate Membership

Corporate memberships are for those companies who are looking for a higher level of involvement. Benefits of eec Corporate Membership include:

  • Three individual memberships
  • All of the benefits of individual membership (see above)
  • One “Corporate Member Spotlight” featured article in an eec newsletter
  • The ability to submit your authored case studies, whitepapers, ebooks or other materials for review and inclusion in the Email Resources section of our site

Corporate memberships are $999 annually.
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