People’s Choice Award Best Use of Humor; Personality, Content, or Brand

Welcome to our newest eec award category – the People’s Choice Award. The eec Awards Subcommittee reviewed the submissions in this category and have provided its top 3 finalists for you – our visitors – to vote on your favorites. The winner will be announced at the upcoming Email Evolution Conference in Savannah, GA at the awards celebratory luncheon on April 25, 2019. We hope you’ll join us to cheer on your friends, colleagues and peers to celebrate email and the shining stars and programs in our industry.

Voting rules: one vote per person and voting ends April 15th.

Top 3 Finalists (Select Your Favorite!):

Email Program: BarkShop
Campaign Managers:

  • Tasmai Uppin | Email Marketing Manager, Maisonette
  • Lori Goldman: Lead Copywriter
  • Gina Nastasi: Graphic Designer

Creative: 420-Campaign-Creative.pdf; Baseline-Campaign-Creative.pdf

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Email Program: ParkWhiz
Campaign Managers: Arrive’s Email Team:

  • Brian Munn, CRM Specialist
  • Jack Seney, Digital Director
  • David Lawson, Copywriter
  • Justin Demus, Designer
  • Harrison Gibbons, Sr. Copywriter

Creative: BirdBox_Weekly.pdf
Results: ParkWhiz-BirdBox-Email-Metrics.pdf

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Email Program: HotelTonight
Campaign Managers: Giovanni Zacchia | Sr. CRM Marketing Manager, HotelTonight
Creative: Hotel Tonight Creative

This poll is no longer accepting votes